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Engage the Hispanic community in health care research by providing access to clinical studies through strategic partnerships.


Be a global leader in providing the Hispanic community with increased access to the benefits of health care research.


Conduct research on diabetes and obesity, asthma, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, cancer and the opioid epidemic.


Jaime Fergie, MD
Medical Director, Global Institute for Hispanic Health
Infectious Disease Specialist
Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Erin Richmond, MS, RN, CCRP
Director, Global Institute for Hispanic Health
Driscoll Children's Hospital

Executive Committee

Eric Hamon
President and CEO
Driscoll Children’s Hospital
Kenneth S. Ramos, MD, PhD
Executive Director
Texas A&M Health Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Indra K. Reddy, PhD
Founding Dean
Texas A&M Rangel School of Pharmacy
Mary Dale Peterson, MD
Executive Vice President and COO
Driscoll Children’s Hospital


Mari Allison-Hoien, MD, PhD
Collaborative Research Advisor
Driscoll Children's Hospital
Rosalie Castaneda, APRN, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner
Priya Desai
Administrative Assistant
Ruth Longoria
Clinical Research Coordinator

Shelley Lowen, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator

Ryan McGee, MS, CCRC
Clinical Research Coordinator
Eloy Solis
Regulatory Specialist
Jennifer Bourque, RN
Research Nurse
Jennifer Cantu, RN, BSN, CPN
Research Nurse